Fantum Oil and Gas Company – what we do

Power, Oil and Petroleum Product Marketing and Upstream Investment

Oil and Gas Companies

Our oil and petroleum product marketing business secures and delivers a range of products including crude oil, gas oil, fuel oil, jet fuel and gasoline. We are one of only a handful of Oil and Gas Companies that has decades of experience of operating in local and International markets and of foreign policies. As such, Fantum has established and trusted trading relationships with major international producers, suppliers and traders and we have access to supplies including: gas oil, fuel oil, gasoline, jet fuel, crude oil and LNG.

Due to our experience, we have also established relationships with refineries, storage companies and transporters to assist us moving products on a CIF (or FOB basis). Our network ensures the whole process is expedited in a timely and streamlined operation.

Fantum will take principle risk in its pursuit of oil and petroleum product marketing opportunities.

We are responsible and accountable within our marketing business, but also not afraid of new opportunities. We research our markets continuously and select those with the most demand and potential. We don’t ‘follow the others’ in the Oil and Gas Industry, we are looking to enthusiastically inspire others to copy us.