Fantum Oil and Gas Company – what we do

Power, Oil and Petroleum Product Marketing and Upstream Investment

Fantum: one of the trusted Power Distribution Companies

Fantum is an accomplished Oil and Gas Company that delivers services to wherever it is needed. We operate an innovative and comprehensive approach to ensure that whenever an increase in supply is needed, it is always delivered professionally and on-time.

We deliver services within the Oil and Gas Industry to the highest quality and level of performance. As one of the most innovative Power Distribution companies, we are always looking for improvements through product, services, and staff innovation and evaluation.

Construction and Procurement within Power Generation Companies

We offer a vital service in a demanding and highly competitive industry. Construction and Procurement services within Power Distribution companies are vital. Our comprehensive service offers proven solutions for both smaller and larger energy projects.
We can offer you a bespoke and unrivaled service. As a guide, but not limited to, we can help with:

  • Planning
  • Contracting
  • Project management
  • Construction
  • Operation and maintenance

We have extensive experience in executing both small and large projects across multiple sites. We will assign a Project Manager to each project that has vast professional, recent and relevant experience within the Oil and Gas Industry.

Fantum: a leader in sustainable Power Generation Companies

Fantum is an Oil and Gas Company that provides solutions for all standard and sustainable power generation plants – on time, within agreed cost, to strict quality standards and health and safety regulations. We also have a deep-rooted commitment to reducing environmental impact, and are constantly seeking new opportunities for onshore power plants and for our fleet of power barges.

As a leading Power Generation Company we are willing to invest, build and operate power plants of all sizes. Our portfolio and investment are increasing year on year and environmentally we are striving to continually reduce its carbon footprint.

As a leading Power Generation Company, we generate 350 MW in Yemen using coal, and 250 MW in Nigeria Power Barge using gas.

Fantum is willing to invest, build, operate power plants of all sizes.