Power, Oil and Petroleum Product Marketing and Upstream Investment

Oil and Gas Companies

Operating Divisions

Fantum is  currently active in the following business lines and will also undertake new ventures in :

  • Oil & Gas
  • Power
  • Construction of High Voltage Outdoor Substations and Transmission Lines
  • Industry

Core Operational Strategy

Fantum applies its disciplined approach through rigorous evaluation, in-depth analysis and review from concept to resource deployment. Fantum opportunities are sourced, primarily, through our proprietary origination model combined, strategically, with deep market intelligence and focused research initiatives. The objective is to identify where opportunity lies – where circles of information, imagination and analysis intersect. But it is insufficient to merely identify outstanding opportunities: these opportunities must also be captured. Fantum’ s integrated platform is configured to be able to act decisively and boldly; moving swiftly from origination to execution.

Business Development Strategy

All opportunities and projects will be subject to rigorous due diligence and analysis with each opportunity examined on its merits against the following criteria: Infrastructure, Industrial & Natural Resources; Provision of basic and essential products and services; Generation of high and predictable cash flows; Dominant market position; Durable competitive advantages; High barriers to entry; Potential for expansion and capital growth; Asset quality and condition ;Quality of existing management; Long-term supply and/or revenue-generating agreements. Potential for strong capital growth; Asset quality; Condition; and Asset location.