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Power, Oil and Petroleum Product Marketing and Upstream Investment

Oil and Gas Industry

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Fantum is a subsidiary company of the TAM Group (www.tamgroup-ye.com) that is based in Yemen. The TAM group was formed in 1968 and operates in the following areas: constructing and operating power stations; importing, marketing and selling oil and petroleum derivatives; heavy transport and medium services; supply and logistics; bunkering and aircraft refueling services; contracting and general construction; road infrastructure; and mineral exploitation and exploration.

Fantum along with its subsidiaries, affiliates and partners, is positioned to become a leading company in the oversight, investment, engineering, procurement, construction, commissioning of power, water, oil & gas and infrastructure projects. The company’s founders have extensive experience with administrative and regulatory entities globally resulting in improved execution timelines and project execution. Decades of experience working closely with the governments, and have developed a deep understanding of foreign policy and commercial narratives.

The strategy for Fantum is premised on its proprietary origination model, which affords the company along with its subsidiaries, affiliates and partners access to opportunities in each of its targeted sectors:

  • – Petrochemicals (Derivatives and Related Heavy Industrials)
  • – Energy (Production, Co-Generation and Transmission)
  • – Minerals (Resource Extraction and Exploitation)

Fantum will also seek to invest in new assets and existing asset-related operating concerns that produce steady cash flow. Fantum will also seek to participate in privatisation transactions where it sees an opportunity to create value through improved management or financial structuring.

All Fantum projects and acquisitions will be leveraged using techniques that maintain compliance with applicable principles of Sharia law.