Environment & Responsibility

Power, Oil and Petroleum Product Marketing and Upstream Investment

Oil and Gas Industry

Fantum is committed to the protection of and investment in the environment. The modern techniques we use, such as acoustic surveying, are generally much less damaging to animal habitats and the environment than traditional methods of exploration. We take our environmental responsibility very seriously, operating to the highest international standards for sustainable world.

Health and Safety
We take as much care of our workforce as we do in selecting each employee. Education and training programmers are also provided to support workplace health and safety, complying with regulations and industry standards across all areas. We assess potential hazards at every stage of company activity and have an effective system for safety management, which includes our own literature and open channels of communication.

Corporate Responsibility
Fantum aims to operate in an environmentally-friendly way at all times and to act in a socially responsible, ethical manner towards all those we come into contact with during the course of our business.