Fantum Oil and Gas Company – what we do

Power, Oil and Petroleum Product Marketing and Upstream Investment

Oil and Gas Industry Investment

Fantum is an Oil and Gas Company that is an investor in producing non-operated oil and gas assets. Our strategy is driven by opportunity and in areas where it can add value to the business and its partners’ expertise. We place great importance on the relationships we have built up and the countries which are part of our focus. We seek low risk oil and gas production opportunities that require investment capital and restructuring for rapid growth.

We are focused on un-leashing future revenue streams by investment in pioneering opportunities. We don’t take risks, we use knowledge and strategy to uncover emerging revenue streams, to the benefit of our investors.

Power Generation Companies Business Strategy

We don’t under estimate the importance of a solid risk strategy – an area that is sometimes overlooked or not investigated fully within a Power Generation companies’ business strategy.

Our Oil and Gas Company Assets are assessed for their individual risk profile, fit within our portfolio and fit the level of investment required.

In order to deliver our Business Strategy, we employ a highly skilled and experienced management team who bring an appropriate blend of industry skills and business relationships. This enables us to successfully work with Governments, SOE’s, NOC’s and IOC’s and to delivery premium results to our shareholders.